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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 05/17/12 - Bookmark Small Tits


This picture takes me back.

Natasha Belle is holding her little boob up trying to look like one of the big girls. I am not sure why. Plenty of guys like girls with small tits like Natasha has. I first had sex with a girl much like Natasha!

She was super cute and way out of my league. Her body was phenomenal and her face was uber-cute. She liked to play soccer so her legs and booty were about as firm as they come. Just about the only flaw she had, as she saw it, was her small little boobs. While all of the other girls in school had them, hers were just little budding scoops.


One day while I was at her house her mom went out to the store. I could tell she was a bit nervous and excited about something. As soon as her mom left she ran over and straddled me on the couch. Not too surprising for me because she often did this and a makeout session would usually ensue.

On this day it was different though. Instead of lip locking with me she lifted up her shirt and exposed her bra. It was a new bra. One of the kind that pushes things up and in to give a girl cleavage. She wanted to know what I thought about it.

Being a good boy I complimented her on her bra and nuzzled my face in her cleavage. Most of the time girls don’t want to feel like a stripper. But on this day, that was exactly what she was looking for!

Girls are so darn interested in growing up early. I don’t know what the big deal is. Plenty of guys enjoy girls with petite bodies like Natasha Belle. Some, like you, actually prefer small tits to larger boobs.


Anyhow… Enjoy Natasha Belle and her twin peaks on her official site. She updates everything weekly and everything is shot in ultra-HD. You can even talk to Natasha via her private messaging system.

Go tell her that her small tits aren’t only just fine, they are beautiful!

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