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Girls have changed a lot since my days in school. Back then they didn’t fool around as much as they do now. They also weren’t as nice to each other about things like having small tits as they are now. With all of the exploration girls do with each other they have come to realize that everybody is different and nobody is better than the other based on physical characteristics.

That being said I still have a desire to be with girls with small tits above all others. I prefer perky little ones like this girl above. Looking at her you can’t tell if she is just barely budding or if she is as full grown as she is going to get.



Sight is only one of the senses. Taste is very important too. Girls find out they all taste differently by licking each other too.




Guys get benefits from all of this sexual exploration as well. Now that these two have experienced love making they can really show their boyfriends a good time. They can also suggest many different sexual positions to keep their love making interesting.


At X-Art the girls are phenomenal. You won’t find a better batch anywhere else. Just look at that left of Venus above and tell me you wouldn’t hit it six ways till Sunday. Imagine how tight her teen vagina is. I bet you could almost wrap your hands around her hips while you fill her full of your spunk!

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Girls always say stuff like, "I don’t know why guys have such a fascination with my boobs. I guess it is because they don’t have them?" When in reality, girls have that same fascination with their small tits too. At least, in the beginning they do.

When Ivana Fukalot came over to play with Natasha Shy she had some ulterior motives. Ivana wanted to compare boobs with Natasha and she didn’t stop there. After they sized up each others nubile breasts they moved on down to see what was different about their teenage pussies.

There is a general rule when it comes to pussy. When you see one you want to taste it too. For girls, especially young impressionable girls, this goes double. While Natasha just wanted to see what her friend tasted like, Ivana wanted to experience what it felt like to have her pussy licked. Cleverly, she went first and licked Natasha’s pussy first knowing her friend would feel inclined to reciprocate!

Watch more of their teen lesbian action with a password to!

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teenburg1 teenburg2

Girls are known to do some pretty strange things when guys aren’t around. Just about every girl I have ever dated has told me of getting drunk with some girlfriends and then getting horny and just letting things play out. Nice!

Teen Burg is filled with hot girls with small tits. And, true to life, they do some pretty amazing things when they are alone. Like show each other their favorite masturbation techniques!

Grab your own password and let the good times roll!

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Well… Now you know what the cheerleaders do for initiations! It isn’t enough to look good. No, they also have to blow good and know how to swallow good too!

There is no better qualified trainer for this sort of thing than Sasha Blonde and it looks like she found two sexy nubiles to put through the wringer. Both of these hotties have small tits and petite frames. You can’t be too bouncy when you are at the top of a cheer squad pyramid!

I have to say I am favoring the one on the left. You can see a lot of her at 18 Only Girls and Virgin Off. Two sites you get free access to when you join Sasha Blonde!

Time to make a trip to the store and pickup some whipped cream!

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Ever fucked a pair of small tits teen lesbians? Yeah… Me neither… This girls did though. Lucky bitch! Seriously though, the Texas Twins are young, ripe and ready to treat your cock like a bucking bronco!

Growing up in Texas has its disadvantages… The state is so fucking huge that you don’t have many neighbors. Without a ton of boys around to experiment on the girls ended up turning their desires inward and they began experimenting with their sleepover friends. All that attention to detail paid off though. These two can achieve orgasm in seconds flat or, if time allows, ride until the cows come home.

With a Tiny Teen Pass you can cyber-bang these two small tits twins and all of their friends. The Texas Twins have all of the Southern hospitality you have come to expect from a pair of Southern Belles. They don’t mind sharing, in fact, they insist!

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Have you ever wondered why your small tits sister and all of her little, hot, small tits friends prefer to hang out in her room with the door closed… and locked? Well, stop wondering because Little Lexie and her friend are about to show you why they do it!

Do what? Yeah… that is the question!

Just what are those freaky girls doing in there? And why does the door have to be locked?

Well, sporto, the reason is, they are practicing kissing and the last thing they need is some horn-dog boy ruining everything! Besides… DUDE! She is your sister!

OK… ok… so you have plenty of friends with sisters and they all have hot, small tits friends. Now we are talking. You can bang the shit out of your best friend’s sister all you want! Having a threesome is even better!

You can join Little Lexie for only $1 and you get access to several of her small tits friends like Little Lara and more. Take the tour and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Perky little titties await you!

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