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Posted By ILuvSmallTits on 05/05/13 - Bookmark Small Tits


This very fit and quite petite beauty goes by the name Fergie. Her eyes are an electric blue. You almost feel like she is able to pierce your soul just by looking in your direction. She has beautiful eye lashes and pouty lips covered in lip gloss. If you have ever had a blowjob from a girl wearing a lot of lip gloss you’d know it is something special. Most importantly though, Fergie has some perky small tits. They are just waiting for some attention.

Click her picture and you will find a website with photos in up to 39 MP resolutions. These things are so large you can zoom in until the girls clit is the size of your HDTV and it will still be in crystal clear definition. The Fergie Met Art photos and videos will leave you breathless and spermless.

Erotic nude sites are perfect when you are hunting for hot girls with tiny tits. They seem to have a knack for finding them in massive numbers. Many of them look so barely legal I’d ID them before bedding them for sure.

Another of my favorite sites is called X-Art. It is literally filled to the rim with hot barely legal girls with petite bodies and little to nothing up top. We are talking small tits like you’ve never experienced before. The X-Art videos are also shot in extreme-HD. Now they also have hardcore boy/girl videos you can watch as well. Try them out and see if they are not the best place you have ever trolled for nubile teens.

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At first Paulina 18 wanted to be a ballerina. She dieted her whole entire life. In doing so she stunted her pubic transformation. She didn’t even get her period until she was almost 18 years old!

A side effect of having stunted her puberty is that she still has the same body features now as she did when she was in middle school. Her chest is flat as a board. Her butt has no fat on it whatsoever. Add in her shaved pussy and she is a bit nubile looking.

For a long time Paulina didn’t feel comfortable having sex with boys. She didn’t want them to be disappointed because her boobs were so small. So Paulina had her first sexual experiences with other girls from her dance troop. One night the director of choreography paid her a visit and cleared up her misconceptions about how guys would feel about her looks.

He told Paulina 18 that there are many men out there that prefer girls with her build. She was one of the few girls out there that kept herself in pristine condition. Once she hit age eighteen there would be droves of men clamoring to run their hands over her nubile body. Most importantly, they would enjoy her little underdeveloped breasts.

Shower Paulina with your sentiments by getting a Premium GFs and letting her know how much you enjoy her beauty. With one password you can access each and every one of her friends sites as well. Every site has videos and pictures of girls that didn’t quite blossom when puberty struck. Show them how much you prefer them over the “popular” girls.

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Some girls have bodies that seem to defy the rules. Time stands still for them. They have nubile bodies that make them appear to be jailbait even when they are over the age of consent. Take this perfect cutie from Amour Angels. Her name is Magdalena and her little boobs paired with her cute fanny would leave you wondering about her age. I can assure you she is barely legal.

View her entire small tits gallery and watch a video of another youthful model at Rhino’s Girls. The Rhino inspired me to create this blog I have devoted to girls with small tits. I used to be ashamed of my obsession, but now I know I can enjoy it safely with sites like Amour Angels and so can you.

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For a solo model to make it onto my blog she has to have small tits, but not just any small tits. They must be perky and they definitely cannot be pancake tits. Nobody fires up their Internet connection and goes online to look at flapjacks. It just doesn’t happen!

Caprice is one of those models that delivers in every way imaginable. She has some super sexy tits capped with nipples that are the perfect size for sucking. Caprice also has an exception body. It is athletic without being too muscular. Her legs are long and look even longer in a set of high heels. As for her ass it is also perfect. She has a firm set of glutes underneath a quarter inch layer of fat. But what good is a fabulous ass if she won’t let you take a crack at it? Not only will Caprice let you spank it, she’ll let you tap it as well.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Little Caprice videos on this blog. This guy is basically giving away the farm. He has plenty of videos and lots of picture sets for you to view for free. What an awesome guy!

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Small tits fans will easily fall in love with Dana Lightspeed and her tiny boobs. They are on their way in still so they are super hard and perky. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. Her pussy is a tiny slit and her booty is firm. Dana is the perfect candidate for a volleyball player. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she has played it before in high school.

Read this small tits story about finding a girl as she explores her teenage body with her hands in a full length mirror. Dana is quite a muse when it comes to this sort of thing!

Pay just five dollars more and you can enjoy many of Dana’s friends. The entire network is setup like a lesbian sorority. There are lots of girls in panties and plenty of initiation games between the girls. Do you like watching teen girls kiss? They have lots of that too. Hundreds of videos of girls sharing their bodies with each other!

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This video was not shot inside a girls locker room at some college. It is not from some pay to watch webcam site. These girls got naked and showed off their small tits to an entire chat room filled with anonymous users, free users and paying users. This is a snapshot from a Cam4 Sexchat show put on by real amateur girls.

The next time you are bored and looking for something exciting to do load up a browser and stream live Cam4 webcams right to your computer. You never know what is next since the girls are true amateurs and not scripted. Some masturbate, others get down and dirty on one another. There are even couples cams.

Obviously I am a fan of girls with small tits. This site is crammed full of hot coeds with perky little tits. They are always more than happy to receive compliments about their tiny mosquito bites. You can tip them if you want or just sit back and watch the show for free. It is completely up to you!

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Things are heating up here and it is time for another post about a solo model with small tits. This post takes a look at a cute solo model named Candy Skye that does both hardcore and softcore videos. She really is a best of both worlds kind of girl.

In this gallery she is lounging out by the river bank looking too cute in her skimpy bikini. Teens are getting smaller and smaller bikinis these days and you know it is because they know you are looking. They act all pissed off when they catch you gawking at this little hiney in a thong, but why wear it if you don’t want us looking, right?


I am just as equally excited by a girl in a traditionally cut bikini as I am when if she is wearing a thong. Most girls have a nice fleshy tushy that busts out anyways. Plus, if she doesn’t pluck those things out of her buns they can form a really nice ass crack.

Get ready for the Summer with some piping hot videos from Candy Skye!

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The signature look of a girl going through puberty is perky small tits capped with puffy pink nipples. Emily 18 is what most people would call a late bloomer. She didn’t start growing boobs until a few months before her 18th birthday. When Emily started modeling she became an instant Internet sensation among the barely legal crowd.

Other girls in the online modeling industry didn’t enjoy having their members siphoned off by this younger looking girl. They called in anonymous tips all the time accusing Emily and her photography Alice of child pornography. Emily got so sick of it all that she decided to get tattoos so that anyone looking at her photos would instantly know she is 18 years old.

If you are into barely legal girls with youthful looks Emily is going to excite you!

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SurayaStars would be the first to tell you that she is a slut. She has always considered herself one. When she was in school she would dance suggestively in her front room window for the boys walking by. Her favorite movie was Flashdance. Her only ambition in life was to become a stripper.

Her dreams came true when her parents got her a laptop with a webcam. They mistakenly figured she would use it to do group study sessions with other students or to talk to grandma. Wrong!

Just as soon as she turned eighteen this small tits babe donned a slutty fishnet cat suit and engaged in webcam stripping at She was an instant hit with the men there which gave her confidence she was lacking in her offline world.

Guys showered her with tips and compliments. They told her to embrace her small tits and the youthful appearance they gave her. Later on she would be very thankful for it. Suraya began to realize that it was because of her tiny little tits that men were paying so much attention to her.

Watch the shows and enjoy hundreds more models with A and B cup tits!

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For girls it is a strange predicament to be in. One one hand their parents are going off on them about how important it is to get good grades above all else, and on the other they are telling them how important it is not to have sex. For this teenage schoolgirl with tiny tits the fear of getting grounded for bad grades was greater than that of getting pregnant with her teachers baby.

This same scenario plays out in high schools and colleges all over the world. Parents shower their girls with praise for their good marks without considering how little time their precious daughters are spending studying. Then they wonder how she could have gotten pregnant.

All her parents ever had to do was fire up the computer and surf Their daughters sex videos made it to the front page of the site. Everybody wanted to watch her tight body work her teachers hard cock. And this wasn’t her first rodeo either. Just watch the video and you will see how adept she is at sucking cock like a true porn star!

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Girls have changed a lot since my days in school. Back then they didn’t fool around as much as they do now. They also weren’t as nice to each other about things like having small tits as they are now. With all of the exploration girls do with each other they have come to realize that everybody is different and nobody is better than the other based on physical characteristics.

That being said I still have a desire to be with girls with small tits above all others. I prefer perky little ones like this girl above. Looking at her you can’t tell if she is just barely budding or if she is as full grown as she is going to get.



Sight is only one of the senses. Taste is very important too. Girls find out they all taste differently by licking each other too.




Guys get benefits from all of this sexual exploration as well. Now that these two have experienced love making they can really show their boyfriends a good time. They can also suggest many different sexual positions to keep their love making interesting.


At X-Art the girls are phenomenal. You won’t find a better batch anywhere else. Just look at that left of Venus above and tell me you wouldn’t hit it six ways till Sunday. Imagine how tight her teen vagina is. I bet you could almost wrap your hands around her hips while you fill her full of your spunk!

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This blue eyes snow angel is named Michelle. She is from Club Seventeen a.k.a. heaven on the Internet. The site is filled with perky boobs girls like Michelle. So many in fact that they are the largest teen site in the world! has been online since the beginning of the (somewhat) modern Internet. The site came online in 1996. It is an offshoot of a magazine that was hugely popular in Europe since 1976. These days it is still hugely popular, but they have dropped the jailbait and now are sticking to barely legal girls or older.





Look at how perky those small tits of hers are. Little mounds with absolutely no sag in them at all. I bet you she is going to have those well into her forties!

Club Seventeen has thousands of girls just as perky as Michelle. They categorize them all so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Snuggle up with some cuties and tough out this Winter in style.

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You can’t find a much more nubile teen than Tiny Tabby. Her petite frame is legendary. Guys, both older and younger than she is, have been lining up for a chance at cracking her little pussy for years. It is hard to believe this little cutie is now twenty years old. It seems like only yesterday that she opened her solo model site.

Even thought two years have come and gone since her debut Tabby is still looking like jailbait. Part of me thinks she will until she is into her forties. I had a friend in high school with a mom like Tabby. She was 34 years old and she looked like she was his twin sister. Every guy in the school used to hit on her. One of them actually ended up marrying her!

Get immediate access to every video, picture set and all of her friends with a Premium GFs. It gives you access to over thirty solo model sites and a handful of multi-model sites. There are so many girls that your problem won’t be finding hot stuff to look at, it will be nailing down which video or picture you want to cum on!

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Is this girl on ecstasy or in ecstasy? I know I am on another level of existence dreaming about her tiny tits. I know of a lot of women my age who are on another level of existence dreaming about having this girls body. While she is barely legal here you have to be able to see how she isn’t going to look like those older girls even when she gets older. Some girls are just born that way.

With 18 Only Girls you get access to over 500 models with small tits like this one. Most of the girls do several picture sets and several videos. The content ranges from completely vanilla softcore stuff to extremely crazy hardcore stuff. They are a one stop shop for all things teen porn related.


Pictures like these will remind you of past moments in your life you either enjoyed or wish you had enjoyed. Each set comes complete with a video. Watching this girl masturbate almost feels dirty. Almost.


This picture in particular reminds me of a girl I used to fool around with. She liked to get into her moms pearls and lingerie. Once she modeled some for me with her mom’s high heels on. We didn’t fuck, but we did do some serious dry humping!




My friend later told me that she used to masturbate thinking about doing more than just dry humping me. I let her know she wasn’t the only one fantasizing about what might have been. That night we did fuck. Friends with benefits is always nice! Especially when you get a girl you’ve had a crush on for years drunk! is your new home for small tits girls. They update several times a day and their videos play on every device capable of playing videos. They even have smaller videos meant for smaller screens. I take this girl everywhere I go. She is on my cell phone!

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Girls like Chloe 18 fall into the classification of legalbait. These girls look like jailbait, but are barely legal making them completely okay for your perverted mind to come up with all sorts of kinky ways to enjoy them. You can fantasize about caressing their hard nubile tits or about spanking their hard teen fannies. Nothing is too perverted. These girls aren’t looking to have “normal” sex. They want to explore all of the things their parents have told them to stay away from. That includes older men!

Chloe 18 got her start in online modeling by appearing on her best friend’s website at Guys couldn’t get enough of her. Everybody wanted to know who her friend was. Chloe was shocked at the amount of fan mail she received. She had always thought of herself as just a plain looking girl. Her boobs weren’t even big!

What Chloe, and girls like her, don’t know is that there is a large subset of men who enjoy girls with small tits specifically. They enjoy looking at girls with nubile bodies with smooth skin, perky boobs, tight fannies and a cleft of Venus.


Chloe meets all of those criteria and she is bisexual. A huge plus!

As a member you can enjoy her friends like Little Lupe and Selina 18. Both of those girls have lots of videos of them with older men. I am a bit of a homophobe, so I prefer girls like Chloe 18 and Little Summer where it is all tits and ass. No penises getting in the way.

There are a total of 30 sites in the Premium GFs network with more added every few months. Each site updates weekly and the network updates daily. If you have never experienced this network I highly suggest you click on a few of the girls names above or just take the tour. They have them all listed there!

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