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I used to have a girlfriend back in high school and we both played soccer together. One of the best things about soccer shorts when you are a horny teenager is that they can be pulled over with ease! We used to be able to flash each other, play with each others genitals, have oral sex and fuck on a moments notice!

Chloe 18 is an athletic teen with small tits. She isn’t some cock tease either. Chloe gets 100% naked in her members area and has sex with her girlfriends!


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Remember when you’d go over whoop-di-dos in the desert and it’d make your penis feel funny? Well, that feeling is back and her name is Franziska! This small tits nubile teen just lost her braces, but still has a retainer. Her body is so fucking barely legal because she is so fucking barely legal!

Nubiles updates several times a day and adds three new models a week. Some of those models do hardcore. Franziska does hardcore! You have to be a member to see that stuff, but if you click below you can watch her masturbation video!


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Little Lupe is just like any other curious girl. Once her small boobs started growing in and her pussy began to change a little she wondered about what kinds of changes were going on in her brother’s friends too.

One night one of her brother’s friends got drunk and passed out. He must have been dreaming he had a luckier night because he was sporting a massive hardon. Lupe couldn’t control herself. Her pussy lips were swollen with anticipation. She had to know what his cock looked like. She had to taste…


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Most of you probably know who Little April is by now, but many of you probably won’t know that she was the original teen solo model. From 1996 to 2003 teens were portrayed by women aged 23 on up. Nobody actually used real teenagers for porn. The scandal with Tracy Lords doing underage porn was still on everyone’s minds as this new medium, the Internet, developed. So even when producers began to use girls aged 18 years old to 20 years old again, they never showed them as ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>teeny boppers. They always dressed them up in age.

Not Little April. She was the first teen porn girl to create a web site entirely built around the fact that she was barely legal. It was loaded with pastel colors, bright colors, neon colors, stuffed animals, frilly panties, all of the things a true girly-girl would have.

There was a huge backlash from the industry as her site became more and more popular. Everyone was jealous as guys from around the world flocked to this new teen sensation. They didn’t want teens dressed as MILF or MILF dressed as teens anymore!

The floodgates were opened and soon more girls began to show off their barely legal status in their pics and videos. Little April started a network called the Tiny Teen Pass and quickly began hiring barely legal friends with small tits like Little Lupe, Little Summer, Teen Topanga and Trixie Teen. Fans couldn’t get enough of them!

Before she knew it she had created a barely legal empire!

Now the Tiny Teen Pass includes over 20 teen sites featuring real teens fresh off the bus. Girls like /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree, Tiny Tyler, Kacey 18, Sammy 18, Selina 18, Paulina 18, the list goes on… She even brought in barely legal twins like the Milton Twins and the Texas Twins!

Trust me, you won’t find a password more jam packed with barely legal girls with small tits then you get with the Tiny Teen Pass. And now you know who started it all!

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Video spying on Kristina Fey in the shower! Cute nubile teen Kristina Fey spied in the shower movies
Nubile teenager Kristina Fey showing her bare pussy lips Kristina likes dirty talk but this is crazy!

If you are a fan of small tits and you’ve been around for a while you might remember Kristina Fey. She got her start all the way back in 2003. Back then girls didn’t shave their bush like they do now and many of them didn’t even show nudity. A lot has changed since then!

Take the tour and I am sure you will see some huge changes. Actually, just watch some of the videos above. Kristina has plenty of shaved videos and picture sets you can download. She gets completely nude and does some softcore masturbation.

My how things have changed!

If you are brand new to the net you are in for an even bigger treat as Kristina Fey is giving away unlimited access to her friends sites as well. Girls like Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel make this password well worth the price of admission… as if Kristina didn’t make it golden already!

There are over 80 sites in the complete list so I will list a few more like Holli Paige, Ambers Ass, Cofi Milan, Sandy Fair, Amy Days, Kimber Kira, MIa Kimmy, Georgie Potts, Bianca 19, Bailey Kline and many more. Plus, get this, I haven’t even started on the 25 multi-model sites you get!

Stop reading my dribble and take the tour!

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While I do enjoy solo model, softcore porn a lot, I also like to see a girl with small tits get banged something silly. I also like eating young and tasty pussy!

My 18 Teens has hundreds of small tits girls having real teen sex. If there is one thing I don’t like about the "big" sites it is that they have fake orgasms and lame chicks with fake tits. That isn’t how things are done at They start with fresh, young girls and let them express themselves without all of the fake moaning crap!

With daily updates and new girls added monthly the site always feels fresh. Perhaps I should have titled my post "Fresh" and just left it at that because this site really is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by cookie-cutter-porn!

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Well… Now you know what the cheerleaders do for initiations! It isn’t enough to look good. No, they also have to blow good and know how to swallow good too!

There is no better qualified trainer for this sort of thing than Sasha Blonde and it looks like she found two sexy nubiles to put through the wringer. Both of these hotties have small tits and petite frames. You can’t be too bouncy when you are at the top of a cheer squad pyramid!

I have to say I am favoring the one on the left. You can see a lot of her at 18 Only Girls and Virgin Off. Two sites you get free access to when you join Sasha Blonde!

Time to make a trip to the store and pickup some whipped cream!

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There are a lot of sites out there that say they have nubile teens. Most of them use girls in their twenties that look used up. They often have more stubble then Clint Eastwood around five o’clock.

At Nubiles they do things a bit differently. They start with real nubile teens and wax that pussy bare. The girls are usually A cups or B cups at most so there are plenty of small tits teens for your enjoyment!

Next, adds three new girls a week so the variety is unmatched. There are over 860 models in the roster and each does several picture galleries and a grip of videos. With so many updates being posted you get at least three a day!

All of the videos are encoded so you can view them on cell phones, iPods, Windows machines, MACs and more. They also come in various sizes so you can get them fast no matter what connection you are on!

Finding that special girl that is going to help you tuck yourself in at night isn’t hard to do. Nubiles has won awards for their navigation and their search functions. You can literally ask the computer for blondes with small tits, shaved pussies, masturbating on video and guess what? Out pops Cherry Pink and hundreds more models with similar characteristics!

Stop looking for something free when you can satisfy yourself with some Cherry Pink!

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Ever fucked a pair of small tits teen lesbians? Yeah… Me neither… This girls did though. Lucky bitch! Seriously though, the Texas Twins are young, ripe and ready to treat your cock like a bucking bronco!

Growing up in Texas has its disadvantages… The state is so fucking huge that you don’t have many neighbors. Without a ton of boys around to experiment on the girls ended up turning their desires inward and they began experimenting with their sleepover friends. All that attention to detail paid off though. These two can achieve orgasm in seconds flat or, if time allows, ride until the cows come home.

With a Tiny Teen Pass you can cyber-bang these two small tits twins and all of their friends. The Texas Twins have all of the Southern hospitality you have come to expect from a pair of Southern Belles. They don’t mind sharing, in fact, they insist!

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When it comes to scoring the itty bitty titty you can’t do better than 18 Only Girls. An entire site devoted to young teens experimenting with their newly legal bodies. With videos shot in 1080p HD even little titties like the ones above can’t escape the camera!

18 Only Girls has over a quarter of a million pics, over 760 hours of video (an entire month played back to back!) and over 260 girls to choose from. Seventy-seven of the barely legal beauties at 18 Only Girls have web cams so you can cyber fuck them!

You can upsize your porn by getting a network pass with your 18 Only Girls subscription and pump those numbers to almost three months of video and over 440 girls to choose from!

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