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One feature that really goes good with small tits is freckles. Not a shitload of them mind you, just a peppering of them to add character. Private School Jewel has both and a sweet girl next door look that is unmistakably hawt!

While other girls need to resort to slutty stuff, Jewel can focus more on the modeling and just looking cute. Her nubile body romping around on the beach in a bikini is plenty enough to get Ole’ Willy popping. Add in the fact that she gets fully nude and has sex with naked girls and you have a perfectly perverted storm!

Private School Jewel updates several times a week and with a body like hers, she does everything in HD. Jewel is open to requests and often performs them live on her web cam shows, sometimes with those hawt naked girls over for company!

Jewel is a product of the 21st century so her videos are all encoded for a variety of objects, such as, iPods, cell phones and more! Grab a membership and take this girl with you everywhere you go!

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Small tits have to be more than just small, they have to be perky too. Nobody wants a side of flapjacks with their teen, they want pert beautiful tits! Private School Jewel has some perky tits and the rest of her body is as fit as a fiddle too.

Private School Jewel started her site when she needed some cash to finish college. Since then she has been overwhelmed by the help her fans are giving her. Many of her fans give her gifts hoping she will never stop doing her site once she graduates.

For now Private School Jewel has no plans to stop shooting for her site so grab a password and start enjoying her cheeky little butt!

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My bros are always telling me, Rhino, you have it made, man! When I ask why they say things like: Dude, you work in porn! You live in a nice house and you work from home. You get to decide when and if you are going to work or play on any given day. You go on nice trips and often have them paid for by the companies you work with. You have got it all, man!

Sure, I have everything a guy could want. But what if said guy wants the things he used to have? I no longer have a schoolyard crush that will flash me her small tits and nubile beaver. Or don’t I…?

Up until a few minutes ago I thought those days were over. Then I stumbled upon this little cutie above. Her name is Lil Candy and boy of boy is she ever a sight for sore eyes!

Lil Candy is a brand new model to the Internet and she is already creating quite a buzz. It isn’t hard to see why. I mean… just look at her! Those small tits look like they just started budding and her tight little puter looks like it’d strangle your cock something nice!

You can download all of her content and still watch it even if you cancel. Lil Candy doesn’t have any digital rights management. You can also interact with her on her web cam shows and even go private with her for a show you won’t find anywhere else!

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No matter how she tries Fuckable Lola can’t seem to squeeze any cleavage out of her extremely small tits. Not to worry though, Lola, my readers actually prefer girls with small tits and if you check the archives you’d see, you definitely are not alone!

I am not sure why I prefer small tits over big ones. I guess the girls with the bigger tits didn’t pay me enough attention so I learned to enjoy the girls without crappy attitudes… girls that are real!

Fuckable Lola is about as real as it gets. She doesn’t try to be something she is not. She loves to play dress up and she loves to masturbate. Just like other girls experimenting with their bodies she sticks many different things up her vagina in her quest to see what makes her feel good. Lola is the girl next door!

Why don’t you invite her over to your house right now?

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If you live in the US you have probably never heard of Private Magazine. They are to the UK what Hustler, Penthouse and Playboy are to the US. Since the Internet came into everyday use the magazine went online. Over time their library of scenes surpassed the 2,000 marker and is still growing at a fast pace.

With so many hot scenes to choose from there is a wide assortment of small tits girls like Madison Parker, above, to choose from. Scenes in the library are shot exclusive and usually follow a theme. Madison’s scene titled Sex Auditions 8 has her showing off her rock hard body before blowing the producer for the job!

Private has plenty of softcore and hardcore videos, clips and picture sets. Guys into panty shots, facials, double penetration, big tits, wide booty, threesomes, group sex, lesbians, MILF, teens and everything in between will find it all at!

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Back in my day finding small tits teens in bikinis was a son of a bitch… You had to stay up long nights and devote a ton of time, often coming up empty handed (so to speak). Not anymore. The members of xPosing have made it super easy for you!

The members? Yeah, the members. You see, back in the day xPosing was a private board where you had to upload original photos to join. The only problem was that as time went on the database grew into the hundreds of thousands. Finding something xPosing didn’t already have was becoming impossible for the average Joe.

So they decided to open it up! Now you can pay a small fee and see what the cat(s) dragged in! Tons of barely legal teens in bikinis and some of them as naked as the day they were born!

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This here is Lili Jensen and she is feeling a little bit blue today. Well, all I have to say is that if this is Lili on a blue day, I’d love to see her on a red hot one!

Lili Jensen is the queen of tease. She loves to dress up on the outside and will often dress a bit down underneath. Huh? Well, even though Lili Jensen is getting a bit older year by year, she still enjoys wearing her cotton print panties and she loves it when they fit nice and tight. Tight enough to show you what’s under them if ya know what I mean!

By far some of my favorite sets of this small tits hottie are the wet bikini pics. Just imagine the sweetest peach of a beaver staring back at your from behind a millimeter thick, wet bikini. Yummie! Join Lili Jensen and you get access to her friends like Love Jannah, Skye Model, Jana Rocks and more!

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Have a happy Father’s Day enjoying Trixie Teen, her small tits and all twenty-one of her small tits friends. With a Tiny Teen Pass you get daily updates and so many girls to choose from it can be hard to single one out. After an initial moment of delirium I am sure you will find something to your liking!

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Most small tits girls wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of tight panties like the ones above, but Ariel Rebel isn’t just any flat chested hottie, she won’t judge you or think you are weird for wanting to look at her petite body. Ariel loves to entertain and you can even meet her at adult conventions throughout the world. Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Hollywood, FL., Toronto, Los Angeles, she is all over the place!

Or… You can get her at and enjoy her in the privacy of your own home, hotel room or where ever it is that you choose to enjoy her at. In addition to Ariel you also get her friends like Andi Pink and Kristina Fey. Plus, a total of 27 more sites!

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I was checking out a small tits teen named Ellie 18 and came across this wonderful gallery. It totally reminded me of a mix of Alice in Wonderland and past experiences with a certain girl I grew up with while playing Croquet.

The small tits teen girl next door loved to wear skirts and she was a naughty one. She often wore her skirts with no panties! This would have been OK, except for the fact that she also enjoyed letting the boys know she didn’t have panties on. She also liked to wear knee high socks. I swear, if mothers only knew how certain items like knee high socks drove boys wild, they’d ban them!

So I was having a bit of a problem getting my ball to go through the hole and my little friend decided to help out. She squatted over the rung in the grass and bent over until her skirt was high enough to see her bright pink pussy. She spread her pussy just like Ellie 18 is above and sure enough, I made my shot!

You can make all of your shots too with a Tiny Teen Pass. It is your ticket to finding girls like Ellie 18, Little Summer, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree and many more. Eighteen girls and one low price. Try it now for just a buck and see if it doesn’t conjure up some memories of the good ole’ days!

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They said that glamour was dead. That teasing sites like Lili Jensen would never make it. They were wrong. Dead wrong, but that is another story.

Lili Jensen is one of those models that defies aging. She is drop dead gorgeous with her small tits and her bubble butt. Lili is a softcore model. She never takes off her panties, but she does wear a few pairs that leave nothing to the imagination!

You might want to grab an external hard drive, because this girl is addicting. You are going to want to download all of her pics and all of her videos. Of course that wouldn’t be a problem except that she gives you unlimited access to all of her small tits and big tits friends!

With one pass you get access to nine solo model sites. Girls include Love Jannah, Skye Model and more! Take the Lili Jensen tour and check the bottom of the page.

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It wasn’t hard for me to figure out who my first post would be for my new small tits blog. Emily 18 made it super easy by looking so young and continuing to make her fans happy. Unlike many of the other small tits solo models out there, Emily 18 is still actively shooting pics and videos for her members to enjoy!

The nice thing about is you feel like you are getting more than just one model. You get Emily as a spunky little teenager and a more sophisticated, but often playful, Emily 18 as a growing (young) woman. Those old pics look like jailbait and the new ones look barely legal to the max!

Imagine how much fun you are going to have diving into her old content. Sure, in the older stuff she doesn’t get naked, but sometimes teasing can be, oh so good! There are tons and tons of pics of Emily 18 sporting a camel toe or releasing her small tits from her training bra. The padding on her bra is no match for Emily and her puffy nipples!

New galleries and most of last year go fully nude. She also shoots everything in HD now. Grab an Emily 18 password and see what all of the fuss is about!

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